Arturo Giancarlo Pirrone, President
Kendra Bauser, Website Management
Alessandra Rovati, Administration
Kraigh Stewart, Project Development
Lycio Gallego, Maintenance Crew
Henry Siaw, Construction Manager
Yosef Mekonen, Personal Assistant


AGP Properties • 312 Beverly Road NE • Atlanta, Georgia 30309 • tel. 404 873 8333 - fax 404 873 0773

A Brief History: Founded by architect/entrepreneur, Arturo Giancarlo Pirrone in 1984, AGP Properties is a privately owned company, operating as a holding company of residential and commercial real estate. AGP Properties operates exclusively inside the perimeter, acquiring property in charming neighborhoods such as Ansley Park, Morningside, Inman Park, Virginia Highlands and Midtown, which are notoriously recognized by Atlantans as the cityís most desirable historical and residential districts. Mr. Pirrone believes in the superior quality of intown living ‚ a safe, charming and easy-paced lifestyle, away from the noise, traffic and the stress of commuting. Property values typically range from $600,000 to $2.5 million. Most of the acquired property is developed or restored to its original architectural style, then leased.

AGP Properties also builds fine homes for resale purposes, using a top-of-the-line team of architects, builders, contractors, landscape designers, lenders and real estate consultants. AGP Properties operates autonomously and without traditional clientele, free from compromise with agents, lenders, interior designers or specific buyers. Properties are strategically located in order to improve the character and value of neighboring homes, and are gracefully designed and landscaped.

The Company has recently moved to its new head quarters to Midtown, in a large and multi-functional loft space, facing Piedmont Park. The offices are part of the company holdings.

The Quality of our Homes: We purchase exclusively homes of remarkable design character and architectural significance and we restore them to their original glory, going through countless hours of manual labor. Our homes and apartments are one-of-a-kind and they are characterized by exquisite details, unusual features and a quality of space hardly found in new housing developments or in the suburbs.

The Condition of our Properties: Our properties are in pristine condition. Walls and woodwork are painted to perfection in luminous pastel colors. Gorgeous hardwood floors bring out the superior warmth of the natural materials. All the systems have been modernized and are in perfect operating condition. Cable connection and dual phone lines in every room are standard. Typically, we provide all the appliances, including gas stoves, dishwashers, washer and dryers, disposals and microwave ovens. Some properties are equipped with a security system.

Superior Locations: Our homes and apartments are conveniently located, on attractive streets in the heart of great neighborhoods, near schools, parks, restaurants, boutiques, services, and shopping. Please, refer to the "Neighborhood Highlights" section.

The Quality of our Service: AGP Properties has twenty years of experience in the field of residential leasing. Our team is professional, courteous and always ready to assist and promptly serve our tenants.

Our Professional Repair Team: Maintenance and quality of repair is another trademark of our company. We do not delegate the management of our properties to third party service companies. All our properties are attended by our property manager, and by a skilled maintenance crew. Repairs are promptly scheduled, thanks to our service administrator and to the proximity of our property. By calling our office and explaining your needs or concerns you can obtain an unprecedented level of service and attention.