Baxter Street Lofts, Athens, GA,
Newly built by UGA campus, this 24,000 sqft complex is made by 18 residential loft units and 7 commercial spaces, with 42 parking spaces. In the process of acquisition, individual investors will yield amazing capital returns nearing 30% a year, plus a cash flow nearing 12% a year. Check more

Insurance Agents

The Draper-Owens Co.

Closing Attorneys

Logan & Torres


Executive Tax Services


BB&T, Banc Mortgage

Wachovia, First Union

General Contractors

The Bellemeade Group

Veranda Homes, Inc.


AGP Properties • 1058 Piedmont Avenue NE Suite 405 • Atlanta, Georgia 30309 • tel. 404 873 8333 - fax 404 873 0773

AGP Properties offers investment opportunities to small and medium investors, with limited partnership to its spec projects of residential and commercial real estate. To find out more, click here.

Selected Projects:

1146 Church Street, NW


283 Tenth Street, NE


634 Linwood Avenue


Baxter Street Lofts, Athens, GA

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