Baxter Street Lofts, Athens, GA - Available

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The Structure:
Located on Baxter Street, the complex is divided in two separate wings, with a wide pedestrian alley in between, and two wide and paved motorcar accesses from each side. The buildings are visibly and beautifully poised on a busy street, literally four blocks from Milledge, which is the Western border of UGA campus, where most of the fraternities and sororities are located. The complex is constituted by 18 residential loft units (15 one bedroom/one bath, 3 two bedroom units), some of which may be combined into larger units, plus seven commercial spaces, two of which have been combined into a large restaurant unit. All the commercial spaces are located at the street and parking level and the residential spaces are stacked on the upper two levels, served by 6-foot wide side stairs that lead to two service corridors, without elevator. All the commercial spaces have front and service access, as well as bathrooms.

The Land: the buildings measure a gross 24,000 sq. ft. and the lot is one acre, approx. 240 feet by 100 feet (to be verified) with a street-front of 250 feet (to be verified) and two paved alleys granting circular access to the paved parking spaces. There are 40 parking spots on the site, some of which are covered. The site borders with a creek (in the back) which is not build-able and provides a green scenery in the back. Two commercial buildings are on each side of this building. One is developed, the other is not. The site is landscaped.

The District: the district is visibly undergoing a profound transformation. Once known as the “restaurant row” in Athens, before all the commercial spaces migrated in the late eighties to the grand malls on 78, is the very next area of development for the campus. The UGA campus is limited by a river over East, by downtown Athens on the Northern edge, and by the limits of walk-able distance on its Southern edge. It has no other way to go but Westward. Baxter Street is a natural corridor, leading from Alps Road, where a premier shopping area has developed, with the best high-end boutiques, movie theatres and restaurants to the heart of the campus ending at Sanford Stadium.