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Ansley Park
Nestled on a hilly, beautifully designed sanctuary of peace and greenery, held as one of Atlanta's most picturesque and desirable in-town neighborhoods, with stunning historical homes and mansions immersed in beautifully landscaped parks, a refuge of winding streets, verdant meadows and islands, next to Ansley Golf Club and the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Ansley Park is regarded as a wealthy and predominantly aristocratic neighborhood.

The enchanting setting and stunning architectural character make it one of the gems of Atlanta. Bordering Piedmont Park, the Botanical Gardens, Sherwood Forest and, on the western side, the newly refurbished Midtown Museum Walk, Ansley Park reflects the classic influence of Frederick Law Olmstead, the forefather of the American Parks system, designer of New York’s Central Park, Golden Gate Park and many other classics. He envisioned his creation as an island of refuge for urban dwellers. The area remains quiet and secluded, yet conveniently connected to all kinds of urban services, from shopping and restaurants, to movie theatres and institutions – an unexpected oasis of calm from the bustle of burgeoning Midtown Atlanta. With Atlanta’s skyline in the distance, Ansley Park offers the richness and luxury of a quiet atmosphere right next to the center of gravity of the city.

Ansley Park residents have restored historical homes and developed contemporary masterpieces to preserve this aging neighborhood. Residents in the area express their love through participation in the strong neighborhood association and Ansley activities like the biannual Ansley Park House Tour, the Spring Fling, the Fall Barbecue, caroling at Christmas and the Garden Club’s annual Easter Egg Hunt. Home prices range from $500,000 to $3,000,000 plus and are in demand. Most Ansley Park dwellers are lifetime residents. Understandably, only selected properties are available for rent, though you will find that they are reasonably priced, considered the distinction and prestige of the location.

Ansley Park proximity to the business districts and to major highways reduces commuting time to a maximum of ten-fifteen minutes. If you are a parent, you will love the sense of safety and community. Services, practically at your doorstep, are concentrated in Midtown and Ansley Mall, a miniature market with anything you could possibly need for your daily routine, from fine restaurants and supermarkets to movie rental, bakeries, and nice cafes. Service is friendly and parking never an issue. Get a flavorful cup of coffee at Aurora and sit down to read the paper. Walk to one-of-a-kind restaurants like Ansley resident’s favorite, Tierra, specializing in South American fine cuisine or the ultra modern New York style One-Midtown Kitchen with its masterful matches of food and wine and unrivaled late-evening social scene.
Leave the mall, and you are back into the serene lush vegetation and winding roads. Early Ansley Park residents joked about how visiting friends lost their way among the winding streets that meander through the area. It still happens, so get good directions. The Civic Association sells T-shirts printed with the slogan “Lose yourself in Ansley Park”, which has come to express a special sense of pride that the residents feel for their neighborhood. For an extended list of services available to Ansley Park residents, please, read our Midtown section or visit