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AGP Properties • 1058 Piedmont Avenue NE Suite 405 • Atlanta, Georgia 30309 • tel. 404 873 8333 - fax 404 873 0773

Preview: as a prospective tenant, before you schedule a visit, we invite you to look at the floor plans and the images of the dwelling you are interested in. The size and characteristics of each apartment are individually listed on our web pages. You will be able to see highlights of the interiors and one exterior picture. Please, make sure that the rent amount, occupancy allowance, deposit policy, pet policy and smoke policy match your profile and expectations.

Site Visits: following an initial phone interview where we can establish the suitability of a certain property to your needs and answer some of your questions, you will be able to schedule a site visit with our assistant or secretary. As a courtesy to our tenants, we require at least a day’s advance notice for apartments and homes that are currently occupied. It is preferable that all prospective occupants are present at the initial visit.

Application: Once you decide on a particular property and you are ready to apply, you may pick up an application form at our office or download it from our website. Filled out as completely as possible, applications must include the following: a minimum of two years of rental or mortgage history, current and past employment history and a list of obligations such as school loans or car loans. Some personal references are appreciated, as well as phone numbers we may call in case of emergency. Applicants with imperfect rental or credit history may have to produce recent bank statements showing they have sufficient funds and adequate income. Our applications to rent are free. Along with your completed application we require a one month security deposit which holds the property for you until approval. The deposit is fully refundable if your application is rejected.

Security Deposit: In the beginning, the security deposit holds the apartment from other applicants. Your commitment allows us to guarantee the apartment during the application process. It is an equitable situation that reassures the tenant and the landlord and removes the uncertainty and anxiety associated with the process. If for any reason the application is rejected, you receive the entire deposit back, no questions asked. If you have not made up your mind, are not comfortable with giving us a deposit, but still would like to apply we give you the option to pay a non-refundable application fee.

Application Processing: Typically, we process your application in two working days –three for out-of-state applications. During holidays the time may be longer. We may require additional information, depending on what emerges from the processing of your application. Upon approval, your deposit is set in a Tenant Deposit Escrow Account and holds the house or apartment for you exclusively until the first day of occupancy, when the deposit becomes part of the lease. If you change your mind during this grace period you may lose your deposit. At this point we can meet to sign the lease. Questions regarding the lease may be addressed during the application process, so that everyone feels comfortable with its provisions before signing it.

Rental Policy: We do not discriminate against, race, color, nationality, religion, age or sexual preference. We do not rent to individuals whose rent is subsidized or paid by a third party. If there is a small flaw in your payment, employment or rental history, let us know about it in advance. Chances are that we can work around it, as a non-disclosure of relevant information leads to automatic dismissal of your application. If you have committed a felony, have been evicted, have a bad credit history, and/or are a heavy user of alcohol or other drugs, please, do not apply with our company.

Lease: We can furnish you with a copy of our lease, as soon as your application is approved and your security deposit has been secured. We highly recommend that you and every other applicant read the lease in its entirety and address questions and doubts when provisions may be modified. Some provisions, such as length of terms, renewal policy, regular occupancy, guest occupancy, pet policy, parking, storage, method of payment, number of pets (if allowed), deposits, and early termination, are negotiable and may be changed or edited according to your specific needs. Our leases are extensive and provide coverage for a wide array of situations. A synopsis of our typical lease is available on our website for your perusal as a read-only document. A list of tenants may be called for your peace of mind if you wish to hear an unbiased and independent opinion about us. With 20 years of experience in leasing residential property more than eight hundred tenants have rewarded us with their trust and

Endorsement: When you are ready to sign the lease plan for a one-hour meeting with our President or the administrator, so that we can answer all your questions, modify any provisions, and edit the lease as necessary, without rush. Prior to our meeting take note of your observations and questions. The meeting is informal, but as it marks the beginning of a year or more of a mutual business relationship, we want to make sure that everyone is present and that everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

Lease Performance: As our tenant, we ask you to respect two cardinal rules of tenancy: timely rent payments and good keeping and maintenance of the premises and their yards. Conversely, we pledge to respect your privacy, to assist you with any questions or problems you may encounter during the course of the lease, and to promptly address requested repairs. As citizens of neighboring districts, we will be proud to introduce you to the vibrant society of these fabulous neighborhoods and assist you in locating services available in the area.

Utilities and Keys: All utilities and services must be established and set before you move into the premises. It is advisable, however, to have the utilities connected at least one week previous to move-in date, as an interruption of service will cost you a couple of days house sitting for the utilities dispatch unit. Even if you may be reachable by cell phone, a regular residential phone line is required for emergency contact and regular communication. A copy of your lease or application may be required by energy providers and by the water bureau. You may obtain a copy of the keys in order to have someone at the property when the utility companies are scheduled to turn on the service. However, keys are not released until you have paid the rent.

Repairs: Our apartments and homes are delivered in perfect working condition. They are always refurbished upon lease turnovers, and thoroughly cleaned. During the course of our leases we encourage our tenants to take note of things which may need attention, or that could simply be improved. We do not mind working on our properties, or responding to many calls per month. Our tenants may see things that we would not have a chance to observe or detect. All problems and observations are made into a repair list and are addressed, depending on their level of importance, as our maintenance and repair schedule allows.

Delivery: If at the beginning of the lease you have filed an Inventory & Inspection List, when the lease expires, a walk through is not necessary unless you require it. It is sufficient to leave all the keys in your possession inside the apartment, together with your forwarding address and a phone number. Your deposit will be mailed back within 30 days, depending on when your utility bills may cycle.