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AGP Properties offers investment opportunities to small and medium investors, with limited partnership to its spec projects of residential and commercial real estate. AGP Properties offers investment opportunities to small and medium investors, with limited partnership to its spec projects of residential and commercial real estate. The Owner of the Company, a Harvard and Columbia University graduate in architecture, has streamlined over the years a safe process that is profitable and low risk. Here are the details about investing with AGP.

• Prospecting
• Strategy
• Sales
• Funding
• Profits

PROSPECTING: Prospective properties are selected for their unique character, original lay out and superb architectural qualities, and are purchased between $300,000 and $1,000,000. Desirable location, curb appeal and vicinity to services –the trademark of the Company’s outlook/philosophy– are crucial parameters in determining the potential of a sound investment. Styles range widely, from traditional Gothic-Tudor and American-Craftsman, to Modern and International-Style. Some properties are restored to their original architectural character. Other require a radical approach that leads to a complete renovation. Although the nature of these operations is speculative, these projects are treated with the same attention given to high-end custom restorations. Designers, builders and contractors are hired on a contractual basis. However, the company is in the process of creating its own design department and building division.

STRATEGY: Properties are strategically developed in order to improve the character and value of neighboring homes. This strategy allows increased returns when reinvesting in neighboring lots, due to the value of previous sales. Thanks to a streamlined management and to long-term partnerships with reputable and experienced general contractors and builders, AGP properties is able to keep construction costs 30% below the ongoing market rates. Detailed drawings and ironclad contracts avoid conflicts with builders. Projects are unencumbered by the requests of clients and prospective buyers, as properties are not put in the market until an advanced state of completion. The final product is therefore an uncompromized, high-end quality dwelling –a product naturally directed toward an architecturally sensitive and affluent clientele.

SALES: Properties are offered to a very selected clientele of buyers, often not affected by the fluctuations of the market. Marketing and sales are handled exclusively by the Dorsey-Alston Company, one of the finest Realtor in town. Top agents act as real estate consultants. Sales range from to $1.4 to $2.7 million. Most sales have occurred before the property was officially put on the market.

FUNDING: AGP Properties operates autonomously and largely with its own capital. Lending is provided by BB&T and Wachovia. Based on track record, LTV’s vary from 75% to 90% of the cost of acquisition and construction. A limited partnership agreement, tied to each project, is devised in order to protect the interest and assets of participating parties. Partnerships are dissolved upon sale. Full equity and backing of the funds invested is assured at any point of the operation, as contractors are paid only at the completion of each phase.

PROFIT: With profits averaging 43% after cost, over the past five years, and capital returns exceeding 80% on certain districts, AGP Properties is one of the most profitable and quality oriented investment enterprises that operate in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Investors are offered an equal share of the final profit. Interest bearing, development, design fees, and project management costs are equally distributed among all investors. Principal and profits are distributed after the sale. A typical cycle takes twelve months on average and includes the following: prospecting, preliminary design and cost analysis, investment package, financing, purchase, design and blueprinting, contracting bids, permits, demolition and construction, marketing and sale.